Pregnancy Week 28 : What To Expect

What is happening in pregnancy week 28? Let’s look at the most important occurrences.

The Third Trimester Begins!

You have now officially made it to the third and last trimester of pregnancy, which is both anticipated and dreaded.

With baby getting bigger, mom’s discomfort increases until the duplex once again becomes a single tenant dwelling.

This week the lungs get another huge step forward as they are now capable of making the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange needed to keep the blood stream fully oxygenated.

Helping also is the leap in brain stem development that enables your baby to regulate breathing pattern at a steady in and out pace without thinking about it.

In addition to putting inhalation and exhalation on auto pilot the brain stem this week has put the final touches on its ability to regulate body temperature.

The thermostat is set to a balmy 98.6 degrees, but being inside the womb there is little challenging the setting.

On the outside your baby will still need help maintaining the basal body temperature on his own. Newborns should sport one extra layer more than what keeps mom or dad comfortable.

Time To Prep For Breast Feeding, Mom!

Breast feeding prep!

Your nipples are about to get the workout of a lifetime. Newborns nurse as often as every 20 minutes for the first few days. This is not easy on your sensitive nipples.

Help prepare your breasts now for nursing by never using a drying soap on them in the shower. Try going without a support garment when you aren’t leaving the house.

This will expose them to friction gently and help to toughen them up a bit before baby puts them to use. Lastly, get a moisturizer that is compatible with breast feeding.

It is also a good idea to get in touch with your local La Leche League (LLL).

By doing so early, you will already have an expert support group in place if breast feeding isn’t easy and you find yourself in need of a little help.

Time To Show Your Support, Dad!

Did you know that most mothers want to breastfeed their babies, but when it isn’t easy the support from dad, or lack thereof, is what makes or breaks the whole deal?

True story. Breastfed babies are less susceptible to infection and allergies, it costs less, diaper changes are less offensive to the olfactory senses and later in life breast feeding is linked to lower obesity, diabetes and cancer rates.

Breast milk is the perfect, custom meal plan for your baby, so when the going is tough help with gentle encouragement, phone calls to lactation consultants and a sympathetic ear.

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