Pregnancy Week 29 : What To Expect

Let’s take a look at what’s happening around pregnancy week 29. Many things to take note of here. Let’s begin!

How’s Baby Doing?

It is time to put some wrinkles on that brain!

The folds and bumps on the surface of the brain are starting to form now, and in terms of smarts the wrinklier the better!

As baby grows larger now the muscles begin to gain strength more rapidly.

Have patience with those disquieting jabs and pushes, it is just baby doing calisthenics.

You want your little peanut to develop as much muscle tone as possible in the womb.

Supporting the head and moving flailing limbs is much more of a challenge after birth if your baby was a couch potato in the womb.

At this point baby is getting into position with the exit vector by flipping head down, which will put more pressure on your cervix, hips, pubic bone and back.

Mom, Get Ready To…

Have you been enjoying the respite from potty trips?

Well get ready to spend more time in the bathroom again.

As baby grows rapidly in size and descends to the birth canal it is bound to increase your aily total of bathroom trips.

You also have another milestone to check off. If not this week, then soon! It is called ‘lightening’ or ‘dropping’.

What is actually happening is that your baby’s head drops down into the pelvis

This will put more pressure on your bladder, but relieve the pressure on your lungs and relieve shortness of breath.

Some see this as a sign that labor will come early, but it is not wholly reliable on its own.

If this is your second or third baby, lightening might not occur until contractions force the baby down.

What’s In Store For Dad?

If you don’t know already, you do now: medical procedures and treatments require a butt-load of paperwork on your part to satisfy hospital and doctor office manager’s needs.

If you showp at the hospital expecting to have a baby and that’s it, you need to adjust your mental image to include a stack of paperwork about three feet high standing between you and your birthing suite.

If filling out medical consent forms and health history questionnaires while encouraging your wife to breathe doesn’t sound like much fun it is best to make arrangement to fill it out early.

Going to the hospital’s administrative offices in advance of your due date and the onset of labor really is a must for expectant parents.

Why not just handle that this week and be done with it?

I hope this has given some insight into what can be expected in pregnancy week 29!

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