Preventing Back Pain With A Pillow During Pregnancy

Pillow During Pregnancy – When you are pregnant, there’s a lot of stress being put on your body.  The extra weight that your body is carrying will put a lot of discomfort around your back, hips, legs, and feet.  Sometimes, these area of the body will feel incredible pain and discomfort.  To ease those pain and help support the extra weight, a pregnancy pillow will help out a lot.  Pregnancy pillows can be used to sleep during the day or at night to provide extra comfort. see also : Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Pregnancy pillows differ from regular pillows in that they are designed to fit on certain parts of the body to add support.  There are several different types of pillows that are made to fit your lower back, on your neck, the stomach area, and between your thighs.

As you progress through the stages of pregnancy, you will begin to feel more discomfort as the weight of your baby increases.  It might get to the point that you will have a hard time sleeping because of the way you sleep.  As your get stomach gets bigger, it will be nearly impossible to lay straight on your back.  The only position is laying on your side.  Even laying on your side will get uncomfortable, but using a pregnancy pillow should help ease the pain around your hips area.

When laying on your side, put the pregnancy pillow between your knees and thighs and another behind your back.  The pillow between your legs gives support and relieves the pressure on your hips.  The pillow on your back will help you reposition easier when you want to. see also : Morning Sickness and How To Cure It

If you sit for a long period of time, you should put the pregnancy pillow behind your back.  This will help support your back and prevent discomfort.  Some women feel relief by putting a pillow under their stomachs to support the extra weight.  These techniques can also be used when driving to prevent discomfort and stiffness.

There are many models of pregnancy pillows available.  They are also made of different materials such as down or cotton, and memory foam.  When shopping, take your time to feel each one and see if you like the feeling of it. Pregnancy is a time where you will feel a lot of discomfort, but using pregnancy pillows will help out a lot.

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