Should Your Baby Wear Cloth Or Disposable Diapers?

The debate about whether or not you should use disposable diapers has been around since they first hit the market. Some parents believe that cloth is the only way to go, while others could not fathom giving up the ease of using disposables. Each has pros and cons that you should consider when making the choice for your family.

Disposable diapers are easy to use and can be thrown away when you are done in any convenient garbage can. They are available in sizes ranging from pre-mature up through larger toddlers. However, there are concerns regarding chemical exposure due to the elements within each of them. Also, these do not break down in landfills, which gives environmentalists reason to pause when thinking about putting them on a child.

On the other hand, cloth diapers require more work, including dumping solid materials into a toilet and storing the used diapers while out. These are more apt to leak than disposables, though using a diaper cover can reduce that considerably. The all natural material is preferable for many. However, you will need to change the soiled diaper more quickly to prevent diaper rash.

One of the reasons that some proponents of cloth suggest parents go this route is because the child can instantly feel when they have urinated or defecated. When it comes to potty training time, this can be quite useful in helping the youngster make the connection between sensations.

Many parents have chosen to include both types of diapers into their regular routine. They use cloth at home or in locations nearby while switching to disposables in certain social situations. For example, attending a wedding or special events where they do not want to carry around soiled diapers in the diaper bag for several hours. Another time that may be useful to switch to disposables is at night. Once a child is sleeping through the night, many parents are hesitant to keep them in cloth, which may wake the child when wet.

The choices each family makes regarding diapers is personal. Nobody should feel pressured by social groups or family members into making this decision. Each type of diaper has benefits and drawbacks.

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