Small Business Ideas by Sector: Natural Health Products

People’s #1 Asset: Their Own Health

Most people, especially the young, take their health for granted. However, once an illness or accident strikes you or affects a loved one, people start to re-examine their priorities and realize how precious their mobility, clarity of mind, energy, and well-being truly are.

And, of course, they’re willing to spend for it. And, of course, that means a big business opportunity.

The Most Important Point

As with all businesses, the integrity of the business owners, employees, products and services are of critical importance in the health products sector. Partly because you’ll find a discriminating audience, partly because its heavily regulated (ie. liars and frauds go to jail), and partly because (I would suggest) at our root level, we all simply want to do the right thing for each other.

Some business owners feel okay about screwing over their customers in the widget business or when selling useless luxuries, but few people feel okay about cheating their customers (ie. other people; their sisters, brothers, grandparents and nephews) when it comes to matters of health. If you’re uneasy about this topic or feel unsure about your ability to legitimately offer something useful to people of ill or mediocre health, you should move on to another business idea now.

Intro the Natural Health Sector

In most western, developed countries, “health” is commonly thought of by the state and insurance companies as “stuff that’s related to drugs and surgery”. Things like exercise, diet, attitude, happiness, flexibility, exposure to plastics/toxins/fast-food, “eastern medicine”, meditation, “natural healing”, acupuncture, and so forth are not included. Yet, they can be essential contributors to good health. In other words, there are many important topics relating to “health” that are not directly handled by the state (drugs or surgery), which gives entrepreneurs a bevy of prospective business ideas. see also : Brainstorming New Business Ideas 2017

The health sector is a huge market. Including hundreds of billions of dollars spent each year, you could argue that 90%+ of our purchases directly or indirectly affect our health. Name one purchase you’ve made over the past month that doesn’t in some way affect your health, lifestyle, level of fitness, exposure to toxins, or overall attitude, and I’ll stop suggesting that the health sector is one enormous business opportunity.

Big companies and industries have already been built up around the most obvious markets. Nutriceuticals (vitamin pills, special daily oils, mineral supplements, etc.), props for physical ailments (motorized wheelchairs, splints, tension bandages, vehicle modification kits, etc.), and professional services (home care, specialized practitioners like homeopaths or naturopaths, meal services, etc.) are all heavily saturated and regulated. So, unless you want to go through the years of training and set-up required to get into these industries, you need to look for a smaller, less populated, less regulated niche. see also : How to Make Money on Your Website – Using Ads

Possible Health Product Ideas for Your Small Business:
When searching for small business ideas within the health sector, consider some of the following ideas and then start brainstorming:

  1. Natural Organic Food Supplier – Get your garden or plot of land certified as 100% organic, plant 15,000 carrots, rent a spot at a local farmers’ market, and let your business “grow.”
  2. Grow Niche Herbs, Plants, Teas… – Many dietitians and health gurus make reference to specialized ingredients such as Milk Thistle, Echinacea, Senna Leaf, Buckthorn Bark, etc. Throw up a backyard greenhouse, post posters in local health food stores, yoga studios and left-wing political centers, set up a website to let people know where to find fresh rare herbs close to home, and become a small-scale farmer.(Be sure to check your local laws too, to make sure you’re 100% legal…)
  3. Health Books, Plans, or Tips – If you’ve got killer information on how to cook, eat, exercise, or do something else that leads to better health, get your information together and monetize it via book or ebook sales, seminars/workshops, web traffic, or something else.
  4. Exercise Equipment – Selling complex machinery may be beyond your scope of investment, but what about smaller items like squeeze balls, pedometers, office-friendly props, or exercise clothing (perhaps a catchy slogan on a tshirt or hat, sold via your website)?
  5. Organize a Local Activities Club or League – Charge administrative fees for setting up, marketing, and managing a local sports league or activity club. Whether aiming for a multi-sport, multi-thousand-member organization or a simple once-a-month club for a niche activity (lawn bowling club, women’s recreational curling league, cycling club, regional beach volleyball tournament, regular all-inclusive ski or golf trips, moms-only weekly outdoor activity club with childcare included, seniors-only walking club with transportation inlcuded each week to a new location, etc.), this has the potential to be a very pleasurable social experience that also acts as a side stream of income for you.
  6. Gardening / Health Food Co-op – Provide healthy food options to members on an annual subscription basis: fresh vegetables, niche herbs, fine teas, free-range non-medicated meats, etc. Advertise in dense urban areas where urban hippies (apartment and condo dwelling folk) lack access to gardens or healthy meat supplies.
  7. Resell Natural Health Products – Perhaps the most obvious idea, consider setting up a website, small shop, or mobile stand selling healthy treats or health supplements. Essentially a widget business, be sure you’ve got a solid business plan and market in place before spending a lot of money to set up a store or mobile food stand.

The Bottom Line

Some people take their health very seriously, and those that do are willing to pay for high-quality health supplies. If you spot an unoccupied niche in your local community or on the web, health products could be great for you. Even if your idea is only peripherally related to health (its not drugs, surgery, wheelchairs, home care, or vitamins), try using the health angle in your marketing and watch people’s acceptance of your ideas grow.

In a time where we are quickly realizing that our food-production system, network of restaurants and entertainment options, educational materials, and personal routines have led to record obesity rates, a cancer epidemic, and other unprecedented health complications, demand for legitimate and natural healthy stuff is huge and growing. Pick an idea, make sure its healthy, make sure its natural, make sure its legal, make sure you have a clear business plan, and ride the health wave that is sweeping across North America.

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