Spotting the Earliest Signs of Pregnancy

Unless you are eagerly looking for the earliest signs of pregnancy you could miss a few of the signals your body sends you.

Some are easier to overlook than others and not every woman experiences pregnancy the same way. The earliest signs of pregnancy can even differ for the same woman during different pregnancies.

A few of the most reliable signs of pregnancy are easy for even the uninitiated to clue into, while others are more subtle. Knowing what to look for will help you decipher whether or not the pitter patter of little feet is in your near future.

Potty Break!

Believe it or not, the earliest signs of pregnancy do not necessarily include a missed period. By the time your period is missed you have been pregnant for about 3-4 weeks. But your body, and baby have already under gone massive changes.

One of the first things to change is the efficiency of your waste removal systems. Because the body is trying to rid not only your waste, but the baby’s as well the kidneys are kicked into high gear.

This results in frequent trips to the potty almost from the moment of conception on. This condition intensifies as the baby grows, but needing to tinkle more frequently than usual is one of the first changes newly expectant mothers notice.

One Line or Two?

A positive home pregnancy test is a fairly strong early sign that you are pregnant. In fact, a positive test is far less likely to be inaccurate than a negative one. So if the stick turns pink, congratulations: you have a bun in the oven.


In the first few weeks of pregnancy the body might not change much in physical appearance, but changes are occurring on a hormonal level that effect all female systems.

One result of these changes is an increase in sensitivity and downright soreness in the breasts and/or abdominal areas. This discomfort is linked to early pregnancy and does not generally persist for the entire nine months.


Is your monthly cycle like clock work? Do you know when to expect your monthly visitor down to the very hour of normal arrival? If so then for you the absence of your period will cause more than raised eyebrows. Not all women are so lucky as to have this fool-proof indicator. Some cycles vary so widely from cycle to cycle that the late arrival or absence of Auntie Flo is no cause for wonder.

But certainly at some point the lateness of the arrival of your monthly gift will start you wondering and send you out for a test.

For many, many women the other signs of pregnancy such as frequent urination, tenderness or moodiness and even bouts of nausea go without notice until the benefit of late period grants the clarity of hindsight.

Early to Bed

Feeling tired? In early pregnancy you are almost assuredly going to need a few extra z’s. The roller coaster of changes going on in your body wears out even the most dedicated night owl, sending expectant mommies to bed at hours much earlier than their normal bedtime.

This tiredness is definitely one of the earliest signs of pregnancy.

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