Stop Dog Jumping Fence

Learning ways on how to stop dog jumping fence is important, as part of being a dog is the enthusiasm to jump over fences. A dog gracefully jumping over a fence looks really good in the movies, but never in real life. He may break your neighbor’s fence, scare children and other animals, and he might be caught in trouble if you do not train him to stop this habit. It will be very difficult to stop a healthy and playful dog from doing this; however, if you train him properly and implement effective strategies, your dog will keep away from jumping fences in just a few days. see also : Dog Training Equipment You Will Need

Build a Taller Fence

To prevent your dog from jumping over fences, it will be best if you build taller fences. You may also want to secure the bottom part of the fences so that your dog will not crawl under it. If you already had a fence built long ago and you just started owning a dog, you can create a fence extension using a welded wire. Just make sure that the welded wire extension is properly and safely placed. This option is good because the wire is not strong enough to handle your dog’s weight, and you can extend it up to the exact length you need. Once your dog realizes that the fence material is not enough to hold his weight, he will learn to stop jumping over the fence.

Put on a Correction Collar

Correction collar is a good way to stop dog jumping fence. When your dog is well-trained, he knows that if he continue going to a specific area, he will get an automatic correction from his collar. But be very careful when selecting a correction collar for your dog. There are those that uses electric shock which is not healthy for your dog. Go for the noise collar or those collars that spray citronella on as corrective action to your dog’s bad habit.

Teach the Come Command

This is one of the best ways to stop a dog from doing what he is not supposed to do. Come command is simply teaching your dog to come toward you whenever you call his name. Start this training whenever you have something that your dog badly wants. His meal is the best example for this. No dog will refuse to come toward his master whose hands are full of food. Use this technique to let him know that you do not approve of him jumping over the fence. see also : Puppy Potty Training Tips

Beware of Dog Diggers

You may be able to stop dog jumping fence, but a smart dog will find a solution just to get to the other side of the fence. One of these is to dig under the fence. You may put a chicken wire mesh below the fence and under the soil. This will surely stop your pet from digging, as dogs hate this feeling on their paws.

You can always implement ways on how to stop dog jumping fence. With practice, you’ll eventually learn the most effective method to prevent your pet from getting to the other side of the fence.

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