Teak Patio Furniture Ideas

Today, when people talk about patio furniture, most will agree on the fact that teak is probably one of the best materials to use. Why? One of the biggest reasons has to be the fact that teak patio furniture tends to be exceptionally resistant to the effects of weathering.

As you may know, a lot of people think that wood makes the best patio furniture. There’s just something about wood that seems so right for furniture. However, wood tends to be quite sensitive to the effects of the elements. It is because of this that people find using wood for outdoor furniture to be quite impractical. The only exemption to this is teak patio furniture.

Why is teak exceptional? Well, teak is actually pretty much water resistant. This probably stems from the fact that teak has a lot of natural oils which tend to prevent water from actually getting into the wood. As you may know, moisture is the primary bane of wood since it tends to cause problems like swelling or even rotting. Since teak patio furniture already have natural oils within them, you don’t have to worry about moisture getting in and causing more problems for you. see also : Wood Patio Furniture 2017

However, just because teak patio furniture can stand weathering does not mean all you need to do after buying some is arrange it outside and never mind them again. Just like other types of furniture, you need to take some steps in order to make sure that your teak patio furniture lasts for a long time.

Why? Well, teak furniture can actually be quite expensive. You need to make sure that your money becomes an investment and not just an expense. A long useful life is definitely something to be sought in investments like this. see also : Outdoor Patio Furniture Ideas

People who own teak patio furniture actually observe one thing that happens to teak as it ages – it changes color. Your richly brown teak patio furniture today is actually quite likely to turn silver-white in a few years’ time. Some people may prefer this look as it somehow speaks of how nature ages gracefully.

If you would prefer that the teak patio furniture you buy should retain its rich brown color, then you should seriously consider staining the teak. The term “staining” here does not refer to you spilling various substances on the teak patio furniture. This process involves the careful painting of the teak patio furniture with a something akin to varnish or paint. Of course, this is not a simple process of taking out the staining agent and slopping it on with a paintbrush. The older your teak patio furniture, the more complicated the process becomes.

If your teak patio furniture has already gotten to the point where it becomes almost silver with age and you want to put it back to the brown color, you need to sand it carefully first before applying the stain.

Although teak patio furniture, as mentioned before, have natural oils that render it water resistant, it would be smart to help improve this feature by buying some of the teak oil products being sold commercially today. This will help enhance the teak patio furniture’s appearance and durability. Of course, teak oil should be properly applied so that people sitting in a teak patio chair won’t end up looking like greasy burgers.

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