The Best Italian Meatball Appetizer Recipe

Best Italian Meatball Appetizer Recipe – Are you planning to book a table for a special appetizer? Well, this is what any Italian will do to make the weekend special. However, we have something unique to share and make your candle light dinner more romantic with your beloved ones. Someone very close to you will surely prefer cuisines prepared by you, exclusively for him/her. A bowl of Italian meat balls,served with rice or traditional Italian breads is an exciting menu for a special dinner. No matter if you are an appetizer. Actually Italian meat ball recipes are one of many easy appetizer recipes and you will enjoy preparing the dish. see also : Lean Beef Salsa Burgers recipe

Here are secret of preparing meat balls at home and surprise you’re the special person:

– Very small of 110 g of white bread

-340 gram of ground beef

-Milk (1/2 cup)

-110gram of ground pork

-1 egg yolk (large one)

-Fresh parsley leaves (2 tbsp, very well minced)

– salt (1 tbsp)

– Black pepper(ground peppers)

-1 clove of small garlic

-vegetable oil (300 ml for frying)

-1/4 cup of permigiano and Reggiano cheese

To prepare the tomato sauce use:

-1 tsp of minced basil leaves

-28 Italian peeled tomatoes

-Salt and black pepper (according to taste)

-1 tsp minced garlic

-2 tsp of extra virgin olive oil

To cook the meat balls:

Take a small bowl. Mix the bread and milk. Stir with fork until for few minutes. Keep string until it becomes a smooth paste. This process should be continued for few minutes. Then mix all the ingredients along with the pork and the beef. Add the egg yolk, the permigiano and the Reggiano cheese with the meat. At last mix the smooth paste of milk and bread with the mixture. see also : Beef Tangine with Butternut Squash Stew

With this paste you will be able to form 15 meat balls (42g) each. Take the mixture on your palm and round it up to give the shape of a ball.

Use the vegetable oil to fry the balls. In low flame heat the vegetable oil. Leave the balls one by one in the oil. When the one side gets brown, turn the balls to fry it properly. Similarly, fry the rest meat balls.

To serve the Meat ball recipes, you need to prepare a juicy tomato sauce. Don’t worry, it is also very simple. Just pour the brown oil and the meat balls from the pan and add the remaining extra virgin olive oil. In this oil add the smashed tomatoes and stir for ten minutes still it gets thick. For taste, mix the minced parsley leaves and the salt with the sauce.

Now dip the meat the balls in the sauce and keep for some time.

Then switch of the lights, lit the candles and enjoy the weekend with a hot meat ball recipe.

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