The History of Rolls Royce PLC

Rolls Royce PLC is the manufacturer of power generation systems, aircraft engines and marine propulsion systems. Rolls Royce PLC was noted as a maker of luxury automobiles on 20th century. In the year of 1971, the company was separated from the operations of car-making and nationalized because of bankruptcy. In 1987, this company returned to the private sector. The headquarters of Rolls Royce PLC are in London.

Aerospace segment of Rolls Royce PLC offers an extensive line of civilian and military aircraft engines which are joint ventures with a couple of companies in Japan, Europe and United States of America. There a lot of major products which have been produced by Rolls Royce PLC such as Trent and RB211 turbofan families which are used on Tupoley, Airbus and Boeing aircraft and the EJ200 turbofan which has been developed for the Eurofighter Typhoon. Rolls Royce is the leading supplier of marine propulsion equipment in the world.

The products and services which have been offered by this company are varies from complete ship design to integrated propulsion, positioning and maneuvering systems and deck machinery. Other non-aerospace products of Rolls Royce include power-generation plants and nuclear power systems of the Royal Navy and aerospace-derived gas turbines for the gas and oil industries.



Rolls Royce manufactured the first aircraft engine which was the Eagle in 1914. The water-cooled Merlin engine was launched on the eve of World War II that was powered a lot of aircrafts such as the Hawker Hurricane and the Supermarine Spitfire and became one of the most important and successful engines of the war.


Rolls Royce produced the new and powerful jet engine which was the RG211 in the late of 1960s. Rolls Royce Company agreed to sign a deal with Lockheed Aircraft Corporation in order to supply the RG211 turbofan for L-1011 TriStar wide-body airliner of Lockheed.


The British government was privatized Rolls Royce Ltd by selling the share of the company to private investors in 1987. Since then the name was changed into Rolls Royce PLC. Three years later, Rolls Royce joined with the carmaker from Germany called BMW AG in order to build small-to-medium jet engines.


In 1997, two German carmakers BMW AG and Volkswagen AG submitted the bids after Vickers announced to sell Rolls Royce automobile subsidiary. BMW acquired all rights to the name Rolls Royce with respect to the cars while Volkswagen acquired the Rolls Royce automobile operations from Vickers

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