Tips For Your Baby´s First Birthday Party

It is the very first day that you are celebrating the day the universe smiled upon you, blessing you with that little bundle of joy. Such moments call for memorable celebrations. Since your baby is a bit too young to understand exactly what is going on around him or her, you should create a form of party that will involve the baby and at the same time entertain invited guests. By this time you may have discovered what activities make your baby really joyful. You can incorporate such activities with these creative ideas and create an amazing day for your baby and guests.


  1. Be as colorful as you can- Create a surrounding that is different from what your baby has been used to. You can use colorful decorations and unique balloons to achieve this. At this age soft and bright colors amuse kids.
  2. Organize for creative baby games- You can come up with many participatory creative games that your baby and invited kids can get involved in.
  3. Playful cartoon character costumes- You should keep away from cartoon character costumes that are likely to scare your baby. Friendly and fun costumes are sure to be a delight for both your baby and invited kids.
  4. A creative and amazing cake- You can choose a cake in a shape or form that reflects what your baby is fascinated with most.
  5. Creative handmade toys- You can design and create handmade toys such as box carts that will keep your baby and other kids busy during the party.
  6. Party hats- You will never go wrong with colorful birthday hats.
  7. Music- At this age music is great with babies. You can visit a music store and pick a selection of music that your baby can dance to and enjoy.
  8. Food- Most kids may have a difficult time with eating, you should search for creative recipes and prepare healthy foods that kids love; to get them to eat and enjoy.
  9. Photos- You can delegate the photo taking duty to older kids in the party since you won’t be able to do this and still ensure everything is running smoothly. It will sure be a warmly welcomed gesture.
  10. Creative invitation cards-Try and keep away from the norm while making invitation cards. You can creatively design invitation cards that reflect your baby’s personality.

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