Tips To Save Money During Pregnancy

It’s a common stereotype that pregnancy is an expensive life event, resulting in financial struggle and difficulty with expenses. However, there are many ways to save money while pregnant. Whether you’re already experiencing financial difficulties or trying to avoid doing so, these tips can help. see also : What Exactly Ectopic Pregnancy Means?

1. Government Insurance

The U.S. provides free insurance and maternity services to pregnant women. This insurance covers standard medical appointments, ultrasounds, any medicines the mother may need and the hospital stay for the delivery. You can apply for this insurance at your local heath department.

2. WIC

Speaking of health department, the government also provides food assistance for pregnant women and children up to 5 years old. You are issued monthly vouchers that pay for things like milk, fruit, cereal, and even some types of fish for breastfeeding mothers. Once the baby is born, it continues to provide benefits for mothers that breastfeed and all children under the age of 5, with things like formula and baby food. The  health department is a great place to get free information about your pregnancy. Some supply free breast pumps also.

3. Cash Assistance

Pregnant women qualify for a cash assistance program through their local DHR office. This program is based on your income and household size. You receive the benefits for free for a year, then you are expected to do some volunteer service to earn the cash each month.

4. Local Programs

Most towns have local programs that help with baby items, saving you even more money. The Pregnancy Center requires you to take a few parenting classes, then provide you with bottles, a car seat and a layette set the baby is born.

5. The Hospital

When the baby is born, the hospital will provide you with tons of freebies: wipes, diapers, blankets, hats, and more. Some formula companies send out samples in small cans, so if you plan to formula feed, you can come home with a great supply.


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Having a baby doesn’t have to be an expensive life event. These tips can save you plenty of money, and more money in your pocket means less stress for you and your little one. see also : A Vegetarian Pregnancy

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