When Do Babies Crawl? – Know The Right Age

 One of the primary and most important steps a baby takes to its independence is none other than “crawling”. Once your little one masters crawling, he or she will begin exploring the world around without showing signs or asking you to pick him or her up. Now, there are times when parents wonder – when do babies crawl when they do not see them doing so. Let me clear you that not all babies are same. Few learn to crawl fast while others take time. So, there isn’t anything to worry about unless it is been a very long time. To make you clear, let me write what I have researched so far.

When Do Babies Start To Crawl?


It is always exciting to see your baby learning new skills. Among them is a very important phase – Crawling, which often makes parents to wonder at what age do babies crawl. So, here is a quick answer.

Usually, babies master crawling between the age — 7 & 10 months. Few begin earlier while others start a bit late. Perhaps, they need more practice. On the other hand, few babies skip their crawling phase altogether & move straight by pulling themselves up with the help of an object or furniture. Few babies prefer to roll, slither or bottom shuffle in a commando style in the room but not all the babies crawl same way. A baby should be crawling by his or her 1stbirthday. If he or she is still not, consult a doctor about it.

I hope I have answered your question — when do babies start crawling. This is not the end of this article. You still need to know few things here.

How Will Your Baby Learn Crawling?

You will be happy to hear that you don’t have to move your baby’s hands or knees to push him or her to crawl. This is a natural process. Your little one will start to crawl automatically when he or she develops good strength & coordination. Firstly, a baby masters sitting unaided. Now, this will require muscle strength for staying upright & move in a sitting posture. Eventually, your baby discovers that he or she can stay on all 4s & still be able to rock “back and forth”. At times, your baby will start pushing off from knees & become mobile. And once your baby begins moving, it might take few weeks for him or her to perfect the crawling style.

Ways To Help Your Baby To Crawl

A baby requires building muscle strength prior he or she starts crawling. Now, there are many things you could do to enhance this crawling process.

1. Tummy Time

It is important that you spend time on your baby’s tummy in order to help your baby develop better strength to shift his or her body & hold him or her up. In case, the baby cries while placing his or her tummy on floor, consider making your baby lay on his or her tummy instead. With this, your baby feels safe. Each time he or she lifts the head to see you, its like doing a tiny work out.

2. Keep It Fun

If your little one is doing hi or her tummy time on play mat, try entertaining him or her with few toys. This will keep your baby cheerful. Dangling toys, singing & keeping your face in front of her are some amazing ways to make your baby happy.

3. Buy Few Moving Toys

Moving toys could be of great help. In fact, it encourages your baby to crawl much faster. Consider buying trains, balls, cars or anything that moves around. Out of excitement, your baby will want to reach these toys somehow.

4. Know The Time Limits

Consider limiting the time your little one spends on a pram, bouncer or car seat. Babies require sometime to move & explore to learn new skills. Therefore, give them complete freedom.

5. Don’t Stress

While you might be very desperate to have your little one do things the first time but don’t hung on it. Never compare your baby with others. Each have its own time to learn and master. Is he or she isn’t doing, it literally means that the baby is still not ready. Have patience and wait for a while to see your baby automatically learn a new skill.

When Should You Be Worried?

As a parent, you should be worried when your baby doesn’t show any signs of development or movement skills when it is 12 months. This is exactly the time when you must consult a doctor.

3 Things To Be Aware Of When Your Baby Crawls

Though every phase of your baby’s development is exciting, the real fun begins only when you see him or her crawl. Since it is the first-time experience for both, you have to be prepared with few things.

1. Keep The Floor Clean

Since your baby is going to crawl on your house floor, it is important to keep them 100% clean. So, vacuum! No doubt that it is going to use its hands to do this activity and later on put it fingers on mouth. And if your floor isn’t clean, all the germs can enter its body very easily. Chances are that your baby can eat what it finds on the way. Perhaps, pet food, lost penny or anything, which can be very dangerous.

2. Baby-Proof Early

Your baby first rolls over, which is then followed by crawling. Typically, a baby begins rolling over back & forth within 4 months. As a parent, you must begin baby-proofing your house by this time because it takes time to finish the baby-proofing procedure.

3. Older Siblings Could Be Very Helpful

If you have older child, then it may be hard to have his or her toys off the floor all the time. However, few things can help out your older kids comprehend baby’s crawling & exploration stage. Let your kid create his or her own “toy-measurer” with the help of old toilet rolls & decorating stuffs. Next, let your kid know that if toys are small to slip through, his or her toy measurer requires being kept from baby’s reach. Tell your kid that he or she could play with those small toys but requires being kept at a safe place.

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