When Do Women Ovulate?

The question “when do women ovulate?” is something that remains elusive to many women. Ovulation is the process by which the ovary discharges a mature ovum. The definition of ovulation leaves us with a hard nut to crack, but of prime importance is to understand when do women ovulate?

Ovulation naturally occurs 14 days after the last or before the next menstrual cycle. This does not mean that an ovulation occurring 8 days after the last cycle is abnormal. The timing of ovulation is dependent on the length of the woman menstrual cycle. A woman who has a short cycle will ovulate earlier while one with a long cycle will ovulate late. During the period of ovulation, inter-menstrual pain is common in some women.


The knowledge of when a woman ovulates is of prime importance for all forms of natural family planning. However, this method has proved to be quite ineffective as a birth control measure. In the recent past research shows that ovulation does occur twice during a menstrual cycle. This makes it hard for the question “when do women ovulate?” to be answered. It also makes it hard for a woman to know when she is fertile. see also : Causes of Infertility

This recent scientific discovery is an explanation as to why some women end up pregnant even during days when they considered as safe.

However, there are ways through which a woman can use to calculate ovulation. Before ovulation takes place the levels of estrogen in a woman’s body increase. Consequently, the appearance of a woman’s saliva changes; in other words as the hormones in a woman’s body changes her saliva changes as well. There are saliva test kits that enable women to calculate their most fertile days.

Ovulation cramps are another way by which women can calculate when they will ovulate.  The stretching of the ovary that is brought about by the ovulation process is what brings about the ovulation cramps. These cramps are similar to the ones experienced during menstruation.

Cervical mucus is also known to change when the ovulation is about to take place. Just before the ovulation process, the cervical mucus becomes stretchy, clear and watery. It is quite possible for a woman to carry out a cervical mucus ovulation test on herself by observing her mucus. Once the cervical mucus starts to thin out it is a clear indication that the ovulation is about to take place.

It is therefore, quite possible to tell “when do women ovulate by using these elementary steps. see also : Managing the First Signs of Pregnancy

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