Whole, Grilled Red Snapper recipe

Rember the picture I left you with on my last post?  Well it was the start of something so beautiful, I just MUST share it with you all! you see, my mom is a wonderful cook. She throws together these meals and uses inspiration from cooking websites, tv shows, magazine articles. Who knows…she is after all a crazy lady She comes up with all of these ideas like cooking chicken under a brick…literally a brick I love when my mom cooks, but one thing I do not love is that she always cooks from scratch meaning that whenever I ask for the recipe or what she did. She will look up at me and say “shoot, I have no idea!” She ‘wings’ it and it always (for the most part) turns out so amazing! I told her she needs to start writing down what she makes when she makes it! see also : Turkey and Tomato Soup Recipe
SHe had this ‘vision’ that she had been talking about for DAYS. She wanted to make WHOLE fish on the grill. It was off to Whole Foods we went, on a mission. It was straight to the fish counter and after chatting with the super friendly WF fish staff, we picked up two beautiful red snapper fish. (we had them cut the heads off, becauase well there were no takers that were going to do that!)
The fish went right into a solution of salt and water for about 25 minutes. The “brining” method. This makes the fish extremely flavorful once it hits the grill and also removes any ‘fishy’ smell
Next step was to slice up some fresh lemon wedges
While the fish was brining, I got to work on a quick marinade for the green beans that were going directly on the grill as well. I squeezed the juice of 1 fresh lemon
Added 1 T of dijon mustard and stirred away
I cut and washed about one pound of green beans and threw them in the lemon, dijon mixture with a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Toss to coat and wait until grilling time! I didn’t want the beans to have a strong flavor since they will be hitting the grill–that will be flavor enough! By using a touch of lemon, it would bring out the lemon that we used in the snappers! see also : Hot and Sour Cabbage Soup Recipe
When I looked over at my mom, she was processing away fresh basil, thyme and dill into a pesto dressing!
Fresh herbs from their garden. So delicious and filled the kitchen
Let the snapper stuffing begin!
The fish was cut open carefully to expose the delicious meat
Each snapper was generously filled with a few lemon slices, fresh dill, thyme, basil and a lemon, olive oil marinade. It was so simple and took about 3 minutes to complete!
The fish were tied in dental floss because we heard it does not burn once on the grill! Cool trick, huh?
Green beans, vidalia onions and portabello mushrooms hit the grill as well. 
And what is a summer time meal with fresh, sweet yellow corn?
Oh yeah, and the fish wasn’t too shabby either! All this took was about 8 minutes on each side. 
All done and ready to eat!
If you are not a seafood lover, taking a bite of this fresh, lemony, flaky delicious snapper will change your opinion! It was the most delicious meal. It didn’t even need any seasonings because it was so fresh and flaky, but the lemon and fresh herbs certainly kicked it up a notch
Grilled corn! (the burnt is my favorite!)
Salad with the pesto dressing!
And the fish. Amazing summer meal. We could not stop raving about it! 
Not to mention the grilled green beans were incredible as well. The char on the outside of them was perfect and made them a bit crunchy.
We enjoyed that fish to the bone (no pun intended!)
Question: Have you ever cooked a WHOLE fish or anything that you saw in a magazine or blog that gave you instant inspiration?

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