Why Choose a Vegetarian Pregnancy?

Many women choose a vegetarian pregnancy because it is very healthy.

Vegetarians, by and large, eat diets devoid of the toxic additives, dyes, preservatives and chemicals found in non-vegetarian food sources.

For example, not eating meats treated with antibiotics, or fish contaminated with mercury and avoiding packaged foods laden with preservatives gives a natural boost to baby’s healthy unhampered development.

Vegetarian diets are also high in, well, vegetables. This means moms usually have no trouble at all getting enough iron, calcium, B vitamins and so forth.

In addition to the vitamin and mineral content, vegetarian diets also help alleviate certain pregnancy woes. Getting enough fiber from organic foods means less gas, constipation, cramping and hemorrhoids.

Special Consideration of a Vegetarian Pregnancy

The one place where a vegetarian diet may need help in pregnancy is in meeting the required increase in protein consumption baby needs.

How can you build a new baby if your diet lacks the basic building blocks needed to build a new body cell by cell? Pregnant women are encouraged to eat as many as 50 extra grams of protein each day for baby’s sake. This adds up to about 60-70 grams per day, minimum.

Getting this amount of protein is not much of a challenge for the meat eaters among us, as a steak will supply all this and more in one sitting. But greens and melons offer very little by way of amino acid (the components of protein) content.

Balanced Protein

If you choose to maintain your vegetarian diet plans while pregnant you will need to pay closer attention to protein for the sake of your baby as well as your self.

When counting protein content, you need to look at more than how many grams of protein a certain food has. You need to consider the whole protein.

Beans for example are high in protein content, but they do not have the entire spectrum of amino acids found in animal protein sources.

Paring plant proteins is the best way to create a whole protein.

Beans when combined with rice create a whole protein. (Remember white rice has had most of the protein removed, so selecting whole brown rice is a much healthier option.)

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