Why Do Babies Cry In Their Sleep?

We, adults communicate through verbal language when we need something. However, animals communicate using sounds, but newborn babies communicate using sounds or crying as they do not know the language. The baby relies on parents and close family members for warmth, comfort and food. In this article on why do babies cry in their sleep information is given on the various factors. Kindly read the article at one go to assist your loved one in his/her growth.


Why Do Babies Cry At Night?

Many of the times, babies do not get sleep due to tiredness or they have slept in the morning. The reasons many be many a few of which we can see in the article.

There are times when we get dreams based on our day activities. Similarly, infants also get dreams based on their learning experiences during the day. There might be instances of fear in him. If the environment he is in makes him feel secure, he can sleep peacefully in the night.

During night time, if the baby has faced many cuddles and kisses from new members, he will find it difficult to sleep. Take the baby to a quiet place and make him feel comfortable.

If the baby cries during the night, you do not have to worry but for clarifying the doubt, you can take him to a child specialist. Mostly, the neurological systems have to get adjusted to timings that include the waking and sleeping cycles also. There are times when, as a parent, you find difficult to ascertain if the tiny toddler is sleep or awake. It is very essential to comfort the baby in the first year as they will be very sensitive.

Then there is the grandmother’ story as to why do children weep at night. They say that the child who cries in the first three months do not cry after three months during the night.
Another reason could be since the babies survive mostly on breast milk, it gets easily digested, and they feel hungry.

Medical research has clearly pointed that babies should be fed breast milk until the first six months, so if your baby is in that stage, you can very well expect for your loved little one to cry during the night.

There are many ways you can assist your baby in these nights. A few of them are:

Maintain the health of the baby – If your baby is prone to fear, then he can suffer from fever. Kindly take care of these aspects in the first few months, the baby can also suffer from teething problems. The discomfort can happen till the 2-year molars. Because of the irritation he can start to cry. Kindly keep the room dust-free to prevent him from allergies.

Routine – Do not change the time the baby goes to sleep. Sleep is essential for the new one, to remove tiredness. In the sleeping room, light should not percolate so use opaque shades to block the light.

Calm and considerate – The best comfort you can give to your children is patience. You can make him feel secure and loved by cuddling him, giving him comfort. Moreover, most important, keep the house peaceful. In case of awakening in the night, give him extra care and attention.

Stress – Do not talk to the baby in loud voices as the negative vibrations might disturb them. Do not leave him alone at night. These are sacrificing times when you have to let go of your sleep and some

Ritual – Have a ritual such as cuddling and bathing. The baby will feel more relaxed before going to sleep. You can make him happy by playing him lullabies both for sleep and when he gets up.

Feeding – Give the proper baby food and let it be in the form of small meals. It can be every four hours at night and often during the day time.

Diapers – The little ones can be disturbed by the diapers. Ensure you change them when they are soiled and before he goes to sleep.

Why Babies Cry At Night – Symptoms Before A Baby Goes To Sleep

Your loved one is cuddled in your arms and the eyelids start to droop and you can feel that the sleep is going to be done. The eyes close completely, but there are times the eyelids continue to open and the breathing is shallow. The regular twitching of the limbs and hands start and the thumb is in the mouth. You bend over to the cradle and deposit the baby so that he can go off to a sound sleep; you are startled as he opens the eyes and start crying. He has not gone fully asleep. Now you have to go back to the schedule again and continue the ritual so that the muscles completely relax and the breathing becomes shallow. Over a period, you can judge as to when the little one can go to sleep.

Always remember the golden rule – babies need to be put to sleep through love and patience and not when they needed to be. There are some who sleep peacefully, while others need parental help to nurse back to sleep. In quarter of an hour they can sleep more peacefully, and they are not easily aroused. There are times when you will feel that the baby has to sleep and in a similar situation take the assistance of a family member; babies cannot be rushed to sleep.

Once practiced, they can enter into a deep sleep quickly. However, as a parent, you should recognize the symptoms of the stages. Do not also shift the place, one day to a sofa, another day to a cradle.

Do you know that there are sleep cycles in how the babies and adults sleep? The duration of each cycle of the adult is 90 minutes whereas the infant is 50 minutes. After each phase, some tiny tots can cry due to hunger and it is during this phase they have to put back to sleep. Recognize this stage and once you comfort him he will go back to long sleep and you can also doze off, relaxed.

Kindly ensure the sleeping arrangement is also made favorable to suit this environment. You can find the baby healthy, relaxed and be able to give a smile to the family member who has come to see him.

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