Your Easy Scholarship May Be Right in Your Hometown.

You would be surprised how many easy scholarships are available in your own community. Often community organizations and local businesses put together scholarship programs for local high school students. They are usually not well advertised so the competition is low and you have a good chance even if your GPA is not real high.

Ask your Guidance Counselor About Easy Scholarships

The first step is check with your high school guidance counselor to see what is available in your community. Don’t expect to find full rides since these easy scholarships are offered by small organizations and companies. However, it should not be difficult to find and qualify for one or two scholarships of $500 to $2000 per year. Remember that every bit helps.

Local Service Clubs are a Good Scholarship Source

You also can contact service clubs like the Lions Club, Kiwanis Club, or local Elks Club to see what they may have to offer. It helps if you have been active in your community and often these clubs sponsor events that you can help out at and get an inside track. Remember that this type of scholarship usually depends on interview results as well as your School and Community activities, so who you have worked with can be very important. see also : Financial Aid Options

Find an Easy Scholarship in Your Field of Interest

Another tactic is to search for scholarships that are offered for students with specific interests and abilities that you may have. The most popular, of course, is athletic scholarships. If you are talented in a sport, by all means talk with you coach and search for websites that will give you a lot of detail about these scholarships. You should inventory your interests and talents and do Google searches on these interests followed by scholarships to see what you can find. Sometimes students qualify based on their planned major. Also it is important to talk with local mentors in your area of interest to get suggestions from them.

Of course, you want to contact the financial aid office at the colleges you apply to. They will assist you in any special scholarships offered by the college, and also are a great source for student loans. As with any endeavor, the harder you work to find easy scholarships, the more successful you will be. Qualifying for a lot of small scholarships will work just as well as getting one large one. see also : What is Scholarship?

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